Thriller – USA, 2018

Thriller is a 2018 American horror film produced and directed by Dallas Jackson, making his feature debut, from a screenplay co-written with Ken Rance.

The Divide/Conquer production stars Mykelti Williamson, RZA, Jason Woods, Jessica Allain, Luke Tennie, Tequan Richmond, Paige Hurd, Chelsea Rendon, Mitchell Edwards, Pepi Sonuga, Maestro Harrell and Michael Ocampo.

Compton, California: An introverted young man named Chauncey Page (Jason Woods) is sent to juvenile hall after he accidentally kills a young woman who is part of a group of tormentors that play a cruel prank on him.

Years later, he is released and is back for revenge — and blood — as Chauncey serves up some murderous karma as the group, now in high school, gets ready for Homecoming. Dressed in a hoodie, he picks them off one by one…

Thriller, which is being distributed by Blumhouse, has its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on September 23, 2018.


The film’s working title was Vengeance.

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