Hide in the Light – USA, 2018

‘Stay out of the shadows’

Hide in the Light is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Mikey McGregor (shorts: Hey Zombie, Hey!; Under the Covers). The Glix Entertainment production stars Eric Roberts, Jesse James and Chandler Massey.

Running out of places to investigate, a group of urban explorers dare into the famous house of Amanda Peterson only to learn that she was not crazy but rather a victim of a demonic creature that hides in the shadows and takes control of the house once the darkness arrive.

The group’s only hope for survival relies on Amanda’s passed on knowledge of years of being haunted by the demon. They will soon realise that once the demon takes control there’s no way to escape…


“This is one of the horrors to watch out for in 2018, this brings a forgettable sub-genre and makes it one of the best enjoyable and edge of your seat horrors of the year.” Darren Lucas, Movie Reviews 101

“Writer/director Michael McGregor needs to learn that sometimes less is more; less characters but well defined ones, less villains but more effective ones […] The cinematography and use of the singular set are well done; the most effective scene plays out in almost complete darkness for a few minutes before borrowing liberally from Rec – but at least it works.” Sue Finn, The Movie Waffler

“This is an excellent movie overall. The performances are good, the script is better than the usual fare, and the all around feel of the film keeps the viewer interested. Hide in the Light is a solid entry in the genre.” Christine Burnham, PopHorror

“The direction was capable and does capture the locations nicely with a great use of lighting and shadows to create a constantly ominous backdrop. However, this film did feel too much like a patchwork of other movies in the genre, without enough of its own identity to build strong intrigue. It followed too many of the genre tropes…” Anthony Digioia, Silver Screen Analysis

“I’m usually one to complain about films being too dark but in this case Hide in the Light could have been a little darker. Intended jump scares get lost in the light. Even the demonic voice overs is a little too bright for what should be a dark movie. Young KilieRae Condon’s beautiful smile never really translates into anything scary, proving not all children are creepy!” Jason Minton, Without Your Head

” …the feature is so well-made, paced and tense that it never ceases to feel fresh and exciting. Richard Albert’s wonderfully creepy music, McGregor’s brilliant behind the lens work and Gonzalo Digenio’s rich cinematography only make the production evermore haunting and memorable.” Andrew Buckner, A Word of Dreams

Cast and characters:

  • Eric Roberts … Father Wes – Child of Satan; The Demonic Dead; Black Wake; The Summoning; Camp Dread; Sharktopus; et al
  • Jesse James … Todd – The Hollow One; Dead Souls; The Amityville Horror; Gods and Monsters
  • Chandler Massey … Shane
  • Clayton Snyder … Ryan – Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party TV mini series
  • Mercy Malick … Sister Mary Roberts
  • Lindsay Lamb … Becca
  • Alexis Boozer Sterling … Kate
  • David Kaye … Adam
  • Sterling Jones … Eric
  • Barbara Keegan … The Nurse
  • Katie Schwartz … Tiff
  • KylieRae Condon … Amanda
  • Cynthia Bravo … Karen
  • Matilda Gregor … Jackie
  • Doug Morency … Father Thomas

Running time:

78 minutes

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