Epitaph – USA, 1987

‘Yes Mother… I’ve done my homework, cleaned my room, and buried Dad!’

Epitaph – aka Mommy’s Epitaph – is a 1987 American horror feature film written, co-produced and directed by Syrian-born Joseph Merhi (producer of Death by Dialogue; director of The Newlydeads; Fresh Kill). The movie stars Natasha Pavlovich, Delores Nascar, Jimmy Williams and Flint Keller.

The soundtrack synth score was composed by John Gonzalez.

A family has to keep moving from town to town because the mother is a psychotic murderer who keeps flipping out and murdering people…

In the most infamous scene, a female psychiatrist is tied up and a metal bucket with a rat inside is tied round her waste. The psychotic mother heats up the bucket with a blow torch and so the rat gnaws into the poor woman’s stomach to escape, only to emerge shortly afterwards.


“The production values look cheap, the acting in extremely over-the-top and campy, and the plot extremely implausible. Still, as crazy as it may be, this film remains one of my guilty pleasures and I thoroughly enjoy each viewing.” Fright Meter

“Not much in the way of gore but the blood flows freely here. The kills are simple but work for the story using very minimal practical effects. Overall, Mommy’s Epitaph is one of those films that isn’t special but is still a fun watch.” Horror Society

Choice dialogue:

Wayne: “You’re only three hours late. What are they gonna do, spank you?”

Martha: “You can’t dance when you’re pregnant!”

Martha: “What the hell did you expect me to do? Let the bastard take you away from me? Huh!”

Cast and characters:

  • Natasha Pavlovich [as Natasha Pavlova] … Amy Fulton
  • Delores Nascar … Martha Fulton
  • Jimmy Williams [as Jim Williams] … Forrest Fulton
  • Flint Keller … Wayne
  • Liz Kane … Virginia
  • Linda Tucker-Smith [as Linda Tucker Smith] … Shirley – MurderLust
  • Richard W. Munchkin [as R.W. Munchkin] … Warren
  • Paula Jamison … Melanie
  • Mike Mendoza … Restaurant customer
  • Ed Reynolds … Painter

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