Nekrotonic – Australia, 2018

Nekrotonic is 2018 Australian science fiction comedy horror feature film directed by Kiah Roache-Turner from a screenplay co-written with Tristan Roache-Turner (Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead). The movie stars Monica Bellucci, Ben O’Toole, Caroline Ford and Tess Haubrich.

Sanitation worker Howard (Ben O’Toole) discovers that he is actually a powerful necromancer who must stop the Queen of the Demons (Monica Bellucci) from consuming 1.3 million souls via a network of Nekropod power boxes in a giant pentagram around the city…


“Where the film falters, or the component that most dampens its enthusiastically juvenile appeal, is the formulaic plot. Bellucci is a campy villain and her internet domination plans are beyond silly, but the accidental white hetero saviour who swoops in the save the day (at the expense of the far more qualified female protagonists no less) is at best too familiar…” Joe Lipsett, Bloody Disgusting

” …while it very much looks like a B-movie, it looks like a B-movie with a budget. The visuals are also very vibrant and filled with more colour than Wyrmwood, which is justification for a more riotous feeling — and the really bad jokes support that spirit. But the ultimate reason to sit through this very boring, exhaustive assault on the senses is for Monica Bellucci. She chews scenery whether it’s for the benefit of comedy or horror; no one else comes close.” Christopher Cross, Goomba Stomp

” …nobody that sees Nekrotronic will expect it to be anything more than ridiculous fun. Roache-Turner delivers on that end, and shows that he has the potential to become a great director. There are some pieces still missing from the film, especially in the storytelling, that hold it back. Despite its flaws, it’s still entertaining throughout its whole running time.” Anthony Le, Keithlovesmovies

” …there’s virtually nothing here to wholeheartedly (or even partially) connect to, with the lack of any real stakes certainly preventing one from working up any real interest in or sympathy for the protagonist’s ongoing endeavors. The endless, special-effects-heavy climax ensures that Nekrotronic concludes with a whimper…” David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

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