Ravers – UK, 2018

‘Party like there’s no tomorrow’

Ravers is a 2018 British comedy horror film directed by Bernhard Pucher from a screenplay by Luke Foster, based on Pucher’s storyline. The movie stars Georgia Hirst, Maria Volk, Danny Kirrane, Kamal Angelo Bolden, Manpreet Bambra and in a cameo role, Natasha Henstridge.

At a local rave, a manufacturing incident has left Regenerize (a speciality drink) with strange qualities. Once the partiers drink this Energy drink, they turn into something monstrous. Now, while a journalist investigates this underground party, all of the dancers are turning into mutants as…


“Despite the faceless office and warehouse locations, there is something about Ravers that screams England and it’s a shame that it doesn’t declare itself as a British film. That niggle aside, Ravers is a well made, slightly silly genre film. A real crowd-pleaser it should be watched with as many like-minded people as possible for full enjoyment. Fun and funny, Ravers is one party you’ll want to attend.” Kat Hughes, The Hollywood News

“As the guy who muses ‘you can’t call them zombies … they’re more like mutants’ observes, its drug-crazed menaces are more interesting than most outbreak picture drooling knock-offs […] Characters even have arcs, beats and all that stuff often thought superfluous at this level, and every tiny thing we’re told turns out to be set up for a later payoff  – which isn’t to say that it skimps on severed heads, bulging eyes and gore effects (courtesy busy Dan Martin).” The Kim Newman Web Site

Cast and characters:

  • Natasha Henstridge … Editor – The UnhealerThe Black Room; Ghosts of MarsSpecies franchise
  • Georgia Hirst … Becky
  • Maria Volk … Jen
  • Manpreet Bambra … Hannah
  • Eve Connolly … Charlotte
  • Orson Chaplin … Mads
  • Danny Kirrane … Ozzy
  • Kamal Angelo Bolden … Vince
  • Dave Johns … Manager
  • Olivier Richters … Warehouse Guy
  • Sonny Louis … Lustful Mutant Raver
  • Mali Ann Rees … Punky Girl
  • Caitlin Richards … Supervisor
  • Harry Capehorn … The Promoter
  • Thomas Greenhaf … Bartender

Filming locations:

Cardiff, Wales, UK

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