Skeletons in the Closet – USA, 2018

Skeletons in the Closet is a 2018 American comedy horror anthology feature film directed by B.A. Lewandowski, Tony Wash and Robert Patrick Stern from a screenplay co-written with Johnny Hlousek. The movie stars Ellie Church, Adam Michaels, Elizabeth Stenholt and Alaina Karner.

Official synopsis:

Skeletons in the Closet is a late-night, horror anthology television series featuring The Widow and her dead husband, Charlie. Each episode finds them providing hilarious commentary on a variety of B-movie horror films – some of which are terrifying!

Their number one fan, a precocious  eleven year-old named Jamie, never misses an episode. With her parents out for the evening, Jamie sits down in front of the tube to devour the delectable terror, but her favourite Friday night freak show is constantly interrupted by her annoying new babysitter, Tina. If they can survive each other, they may be able to survive the night!”


Skeletons in the Closet is far from a perfect horror film, but in spite of its downfalls, the stories pass by quickly, the movie maintains a great energy, and it’s just fun. It’s hard to be angry at something that has such good intentions, presents a handful of entertaining tales, and never stops throwing stuff at the audience.” Daniel Kurland, Bloody Disgusting

“The cinematography is rather impressive once again, so props to the camera team. The soundtrack fits the whole 80’s vibe very well, synths and guitars, what more do you need? I thought that all of the cast’s performances really helped contribute to the tongue-in-cheek feel of the film, with a spotlight on Charlie, I absolutely adored his cadaver humor.” Nikolas Sullivan, Crypt Teaze

Skeletons in the Closet is not entirely a film to write off: it did create some pretty cool characters and have some great moments. Although as a whole I didn’t very much like the film, I’m intrigued enough by The Widow and her dead husband, Charlie, to see if Skeletons in the Closet could win me over with another presentation.” Jason McFiggins, Morbidly Beautiful

” …bursting with fantastic make-up, plenty of scares, an appreciation for 80’s horror, and a perfectly cast film. I especially enjoyed the performances by Elizabeth Stenholt as the preoccupied babysitter, Leigh Rose’s extremely disturbing grandmother, and Ellie Church’s energetic host – The Widow.” Leo Brady, A Movie Guy

Cast and characters:

  • Alaina Karner … Jamie
  • Elizabeth Stenholt … Tina
  • Ellie Church … The Widow – The Bad Man; Frankenstein Created Bikers
  • Tony Lee Gratz … Jackass
  • Renee Domenz … Rebecca
  • Leigh Rose … Grandma O’Malley
  • Annelyse Ahmad … Body Cube Victim
  • Adam Michaels … Charlie
  • Rhiann Owen … The Actress
  • North Roberts … The Dismantler
  • Lia Sullivan … Kacey
  • Alan Z. Mün … The Processor
  • Steve Labedz … Rat

Production companies: 

  • Scotchworthy Productions
  • September Son Films
  • The Line Film Co.
  • Cow Lamp Films

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