Blood Clots – USA, 2018

Blood Clots is a 2018 American horror anthology feature film curated by Freedom Cinema, consisting of seven shorts from New York distributor Hewes Pictures. There is no wraparound footage linking the individual shorts.

The movie features stories directed by Evan Hughes, Sid Zanforlin, Luke Guidici, Carl Timms, Patrick Longstreth, Timothy J. Richardson, Martyn Pick and Nick Spooner.

Featuring a collection of horror stories involving cannibals, zombies “and other funny creatures”, it includes an awkward dinner with an ancient creature in ‘The Call of Charlie’ and a rightfully justified fear of basements in ‘Time to Eat.’

The stories feature Brooke Smith (Bates MotelThe Silence of the Lambs), Harry Sinclair (Lord of the Rings), Madalina Bellariu Ion and Kristin Slaysman.

Blood Clots premiered on Vimeo and Amazon on August 3, 2018.


“Hilarious, ridiculous, and downright Dee-f*ckin’-lightful, The Call of Charlie is hands down my favorite selection offered here (with Hellyfish being a very close second) […] Blood Clots is all killer, no filler with nary a shitty segment in the bunch! If you love creatures, gore, and silliness in equal measure this is the fright flick for you my boils and ghouls!” Horror Fuel

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