It Lives Inside – USA, 2018

‘Stay out of the shadows’

It Lives Inside is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Jeff Hall. The movie stars Rett Terrell (The Jurassic Games; Army of Frankensteins) and Alissa Rose Ford.

A chronic sleepwalker reads from a mysterious book that foretells his impending demonic possession. He then struggles to hold his family together as the ancient evil threatens to consume everything he holds dear…


“Fans of horror who want a typical haunted-house story will find the slow pacing and lack of scares unbearable, and moviegoers who enjoy the arthouse pleasures of The Witch and It Comes At Night will struggle with its lo-lo-lo-lofi production values. But if you’re like me and you go in with low expectations, there’s something uniquely enthralling about watching its main character collapse.” Adam Keller, Film Threat

“The evil in this movie is under explained. The acting is atrocious. The cinematography is awful. Yet somehow, the ending is good. I have no idea how that happened. If I had to watch it again, I’d pass, but I’m glad I watched it.” Mat Kaufman, First Comics News

“In certain scenes, you didn’t know if the entity was at work, or if the man was off his rocker. I think It Lives Inside accomplished what it set out to do – represent all sides of horror and demonic interference, while also showcasing real life sadness and mental breakdowns. And it’s all accentuated with gallons of blood and somewhat questionable CGI.” Horror Society

“Although marred by uneven performances and sub-par audio, this deliberately paced indie sustains a sense of menace without relying on the instant gratification of hokey false scares and tidy resolutions. The downbeat ending is the kind of realistic outcome alien to its mainstream contemporaries, and at the heart of the story is an empathetic portrait of a guy who feels he is selling his soul, not to some basement-dwelling demon, but to the smug in-law who has always resented his very existence.” Steven West, Horrorscreams Videovault

“Being a film shot on a micro budget, I allowed for a lot of leeway in production value and pacing. If you are willing to do the same, I would say give It Lives Inside a watch, if only to see the fantastic CG creature towards the end. Also, ignore the cover art. Whoever that bleeding-eyed girl is, she’s not in this movie!” Chris Prevost, PopHorror

It Lives Inside is by the numbers horror on a budget even tighter than the one the film’s couple are on. There’s a very small cast, several of whom are just voices on the phone, and a few barren sets. The effects are very basic CGI, the demon looks like a column smoke for most of the film, cheap but passably done. When they do show it’s true form the results are laughably bad.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony

“The basics of filmmaking like lighting, sound, camera angles and the score make the movie feel like you’re watching a student film instead of a feature. Minimally used CGI are effects on a budget but are also used sparingly […] Production values have value for a reason and even the basics are lost here.” Without Your Head


It Lives Inside was released by High Octane Pictures on August 7, 2018, on VOD and September 4, 2018, on DVD.


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