Mata Batin – Indonesia, 2017

‘Believing is seeing’

Mata Batin [“Inner Eyes”] – aka The 3rd Eye – is a 2017 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film directed by Rocky Soraya (Sabrina; producer of TarotRumah Gurita) from a screenplay by Riheam Junianti and Fajar Umbara, based on Soraya’s storyline. The Hitmaker Studios production stars Jessica Mila, Denny Sumargo and Citra Prima.

Alia is forced to return to Jakarta after her parents die because she had to take care of Abel, her sister. They move into their childhood home but Abel does not like the house because she thinks there is a disturbing figure. However, Alia does not believe her sister. Until finally Abel says that Alia must open her inner eyes to be able to see what she saw…

Mata Batin was released in Indonesia on 30 November 2017.


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