The Invasion of the Vampires – Mexico, 1961

‘One desperate dangerous chance to save the world …find the vampire’s coffins’

The Invasion of the Vampires – aka La invasión de los vampiros – is a 1961 Mexican science fiction supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Miguel Morayta (Capulina vs. the Monsters; Doctor SatanThe Bloody Vampire). The movie stars Erna Martha Bauman, Rafael del Río, Carlos Agosti and Tito Junco.

After a number of deaths in a village, Doctor Ulises Albarrán discovers that Count Frankenhausen and his daughter Brunhilda are vampires…


“The opening scene of La Invasion de los Vampiros sets a wonderfully chilling, Gothic tone which carries through. It’s a very effective, creepy movie.” Brad Bennis

“Transgressing all the genre’s conventions, the vampires who come alive on their master’s demise wander about with stakes still firmly implanted in their hearts, providing a ludicrous climax to the mixed-up script.” Phil Hardy (editor), The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

“In addition to man vs. monster, it’s also religion vs. science in yet another example of Mexican fantasy cinema using imagination to make up for what they lack in financing. The spook-tacular finale with an army of staked vampires rising from their coffins for a village nightcap is the major highlight…” Brian Bankston, Cool Ass Cinema

“The black and white photography is good, bringing out the atmosphere and shadows of the cheap sets, although the camera-work is too static and lifeless for the film to be a technical masterpiece. As for special effects, all we see are a few (de)materialisations, as well as some huge cheesy rubber bats…” Leofwine Draca

Cast and characters:

  • Erna Martha Bauman … Brunhilda Frankenhausen
  • Rafael del Río … Doctor Ulises Albarrán
  • Tito Junco … Marqués Gonzalo Guzmán de la Serna
  • Fernando Soto [as Fernando Soto ‘Mantequilla’] … Crescencio
  • Bertha Moss … Frau Hildegarda
  • Carlos Agostí … Count Frankenhausen
  • Enrique Lucero … Lázaro
  • David Reynoso … Don Máximo, alcalde
  • Enrique García Álvarez … Father Victor
  • José Chávez … Pueblerino


The film was imported and re-dubbed into English for US release by K. Gordon Murray in 1963.

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