Blood on Satan’s Claw – Audio CD

Blood on Satan’s Claw is a 2018 British audio adaptation of the 1970 film of nearly the same name by novelist Mark Morris (Cinema Macabre; Doctor Who). The Bafflegab Productions release is available on a CD or digital download.

17th century England, and a plough uncovers a grisly skull in the furrows of a farmer’s field. The skull disappears, but its malefic influence begins to work in insidious ways upon the nearby village of Hexbridge.

First, the cows stop milking and the fruit turns rotten on the trees. Then, an insolent ungodliness takes hold of the local children; mysterious fur patches appear on limbs; and people start disappearing… Something evil is stirring in the woods. Something that is corrupting the village youth, who retreat to the woodland deeps to play their pernicious games.

Hysteria spreads as it becomes clear that the Devil has come to Hexbridge, to incarnate himself on earth. Can the villagers, led by the Squire Middleton (Mark Gatiss) and Reverend Fallowfield (Reece Shearsmith), prevent the Devil gaining human form?

Starring the voices of Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), Reece Shearsmith (Inside No. 9), Alice Lowe (Prevenge), John Heffernan (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell), Ralph Ineson (The Witch), Thomas Turgoose (This is England), Rebecca Ryan (Shameless), Philip Hill-Pearson (Good Cop) and Linda Hayden (Angel Blake in the original movie).


“Manages to outshine its source material in moments of true terror… a must-buy for any fan of quintessentially English horror.” Starburst magazine

“A charming and chilling audio, perfect for a cold night by the fire.” Sci-Fi Now magazine

Blood on Satan’s Claw delivers more than two hours of a world going mad from the bottom up, in a production that bristles with fear both ancient and modern, and keeps you constantly on edge, waiting for the next episode of ghastly, demonic bullying to come and put you through the wringer” Mass Movement

“A respectful, accomplished and reflective interpretation of the source material, best enjoyed by the listener on a dark cold and windy January night, tucked up in bed at night, headphones on, illuminated by nothing more than the dim glow of a bedside lamp.” We Are Cult

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