The Tokoloshe – South Africa, 2018

‘Where she goes it follows’

The Tokoloshe is a 2018 supernatural horror feature film directed by Jerome Pikwane from a screenplay co-written by Richard Kunzmann. The movie stars Petronella Tshuma, Coco Merckel, Leiden Colbet, Ramunasi Fhathwani and Natasja Jacobs.


Busi, a destitute woman with seriously repressed emotions, lands a job as a cleaner at a run down hospital in the heart of Johannesburg. Desperate for money so she can also relocate her younger sister, she learns to cope despite the predatory and corrupt hospital manager.

However, when Busi discovers an abandoned girl in the hospital, one who believes she’s tormented by supernatural forces, she must also face her own past demons in order to save the child from the monster that pursues them both relentlessly…


The Tokoloshe unfortunately falters towards the end as it makes the mistake of revealing its monster. Everyone knows that films are more frightening when the monster remains a mystery, and here it’s too much. The story would have been so much more powerful had we not seen the movie monster.” The Hollywood News

” …the milieu of contemporary South Africa is fresh ground for horror – and even if the creature that shows up at the end represents a slightly overfamiliar monstrousness, it’s an impressively unpleasant design (and not shown too much, though it resembles a slimier Pumpkinhead) and an imaginative depiction of an African myth about a child-snatching demon…” The Kim Newman Website

” …exposes a sort of national schizophrenia, as the tokoloshe, both metaphorical malaise and eventually literal, reified beast, continues prodding at open wounds yet to be cauterised, and stealing away the innocence of childhood itself. Canny viewers will not be surprised by the film’s subtly telegraphed twist, but Pikwane wisely reveals it in an understated fashion…” Projected Figures

Running time and aspect ratio:

91 minutes | 1.85: 1


Original title: Repression

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  1. I enjoyed watching The Tokoloshe,The only problem is that it has a lot of loop holes, we should actually know if The Hospital existed in Busisiwe’s mind,because at the End of the Movie we can see That Gracie was actually Busisiwe’s guardian Angel because She wasn’t seen by any other person except her. Just before Busisiwe and Gracie left to find Lindi, We saw the mother crying on the bedroom floor, but now the question is, where was she when the house burned? I now understand That The father actually came in the form of the white man,when he tried raping Busisiwe because that’s what he does.. What happened to the Hospital? What happened to the Innocent souls that were in the abandoned house together with Lindi?

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