Lifechanger – Canada, 2018

‘It Becomes You.’

Lifechanger is a 2018 Canadian horror feature film written, produced and directed by Justin McConnell (producer of Galaxy of Horrors; Minutes Past Midnight). The Unstable Ground production stars Lora Burke, Jack Foley and Elitsa Bako.

A murderous shapeshifter sets out on a blood-soaked mission to make things right with the woman he loves…


” …has something in common with the alien entity of The Hidden, though he drains victims of their shapes and minds like a supernatural version of the life-stealing psycho killer in Taking Lives rather than inhabits a succession of bodies. The entity Drew – voiced by Bill Oberst Jr – would make a decent X-Files monster-of-the-week, but McConnell (of the minimalist end of the world movie The Collapsed) chooses to tell this story from his – its/her/their – point of view, with a confessional voice-over and a lot of rumination on the long-term effects of living like this…” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Body horror fans will find plenty of the good stuff in McConnell’s film. The makeup effects for the Rot are good, practical and eventually gooey. McConnell employs a handful of digital effects during the switches but by and large sticks with physical in camera effects […] McConnell explores new emotional depths and consequences in Lifechanger, deeper than he has in his previous films.” Andrew Mack, Screen Anarchy

Cast and characters:

Lora Burke … Julia Wilson – Poor Agnes
Jack Foley … Robert – Fugue
Elitsa Bako … Emily Roberts – Antiviral
Rachel VanDuzer … Rachel
Steve Kasan … Detective Freddie Ransone – Covenant; Red Spring
Sam White … Sam Richardson
Bill Oberst Jr. … Drew [voice] – 3 From Hell; Impuratus; Death House; Ayla; Dis;The Fetish Set; et al
Peter Higginson … Andrew
Adam Buller … James
Brian Quintero … Tommy
Uche Ama … Jen
Mark Rainmaker … John
Ry Barrett … Richard
Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt … Mary Richardson
Daniel Faraldo … Bill

Filming locations:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Lifechanger had its world premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival, in Montreal on July 20, 2018.

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