The Antithesis – Italy, 2018

The Antithesis is a 2018 Italian supernatural horror feature film directed by Francesco Mirabelli from a screenplay co-written with Francesco Basso and Stefano Ricciardi. The movie stars Crisula Stafida, Karolina Cernic and Marina Loi.

A young geologist, called by an architect, goes to a home where paranormal phenomena occur due to extreme thermal swings.

Once settled in the home, the researcher finds himself entering a spiral of horror, delirium and madness from which there may be no escape…


  • Crisula Stafida
  • Karolina Cernic
  • Marina Loi
  • Giulia Ivana Clemente
  • Giuseppe Scaglione
  • Nives Gaudioso
  • Giuseppe Contino
  • Germano Martorana


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