Weedwolf – USA, 2011

‘There’s a bad moon blazing’

Weedwolf – aka Weed Wolf – is a 2011 American comedy horror feature film directed by Calvin Hall from a screenplay co-written with Tommy Slama (director of American Freakshow). The Rat Bastards Films production stars E. Lee SmithA.J. Germaine and Phillip Tolle.


The residents of small-town Normal, Texas find themselves threatened by a mysterious werewolf who likes to eat stoners.

All that stands in the way of total mayhem is Grass County Sheriff Hardwood, his son, Bumper, and his deputy, Rodriguez. They’ll find some help from Mary Jane, hippies, survivalists, and even a Sasquatch…

Weedwolf was released on DVD on September 25, 2018, via Wild Eye Raw and Extreme.

Cast and characters:

  • E. Lee Smith … Sheriff Hardwood
  • A.J. Germaine … Junebug
  • Phillip Tolle … Jimby Bumgardner
  • Tommy Slama… Bumper Hardwood
  • Guy Rodriguez … Deputy Rodriguez
  • Kaitlyn Colunga … Mary Jane
  • Joanna Smith … Gloria / Jeannie Bundick
  • Steven Galvan … Steve
  • Justin Guthrie … Justin
  • Larry McAdams … Butch / Punk Wolf
  • Michael Moore … Willie
  • Haley Slama … Ida Claire Buttfield
  • Jeannie Stroumpos … Chastity Saint Cloud
  • M.C. Money … M.C. Money
  • Dylan Lynch … Stretch

Filming locations:

Ennis, Texas, USA

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