Doll Murder Spree – USA, 2017

‘Heads will roll’

Doll Murder Spree is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by Reyna Young (Interview;The 12 Slays of Christmas; Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre; Monster of Golden Gate; et al). The Last Doorway Productions movie stars Connie Jo Sechrist, Moses J. Moseley and John Crosthwaite.

A group of college students join their teacher for a weekend of filming for extra credit. They are documenting the local Hell House that’s haunted by the family who were murdered there. Little do they know they would be trying to survive the night…

The film is being distributed worldwide by SGL Entertainment.

Cast and characters:

  • Connie Jo Sechrist … Kelly
  • Moses J. Moseley … Jeremy Winters
  • John Crosthwaite … Nick Larson
  • Marv Blauvelt … Mr. Harris
  • Alex Bretow … Sam Clouds
  • Reyna Young … Mary Larson
  • Shotzi Blakk Heartt … Nancy
  • Mary-Madison Baldo … Lisa
  • Annalisa Bastiani … Maggie Larson
  • Raul DeLaRosa … Mr. Larson
  • Charlie Baker … Kevin Jenkins

Filming locations:

Antioch, California, USA

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