Paralytic – USA, 2017

‘Sweet dreams’

Paralytic – original title: The Figment – is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by David W. Keffer (Ghost Game). It stars Lauren Parkinson, Jacob Cormier and Ericka Atwell.

Buying the house was supposed to be a dream come true. But for Drew and Kara Townsend the nightmare has just begun. Drew works nights while his wife – a nurse – works with the elderly during the day. But neither ever really seem to be home alone.

When Drew wakes up paralysed by an unseen force, feeling like an evil being is present. But Kara is experiencing something too, and she begins to question if something sinister is watching them sleep…

Paralytic is being marketed for international sales by Summer Hill Entertainment at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Cast and characters:

  • Lauren Parkinson … Kara Townsend
  • Jacob Cormier … Drew Townsend
  • Ericka Atwell … Mae
  • Margo Rowder … Mallory
  • Marcia Lyons … June
  • Robert Kimball … Emmanuel
  • Rob Antus … Rob
  • Thomas Jacob … Newcaster 1
  • Kevin Green … Newscaster 2
  • Tremayne Woodard … Newscaster 3
  • Chen Chen Julian … Newscaster 4

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