Anonymous 616 – USA, 2018

Other reviews:

“The god content, the need for power and the differences from culture to culture are just some of the things on the table in this one. There’s some lighter moments, some darker ideas and a surprising amount of violence. On the other side of the coin, Boss gives the audience a little too much rope in the opening sequence, in turn making the film slightly more predictable than perhaps first thought.” Adam Paul Weber, Adam the Movie God

Anonymous 616 offers the kind of genuine, psychological suspense that will appeal to fans of They Look Like People and the Creep movies […] And despite the small budget, Anonymous 616 delivers serious substance with enough gore to please a fan of torture p*rn (without thoroughly alienating fans of character-driven horror cinema).” Josh Millican, Dread Central

Anonymous 616 is about more than just blood.  It’s about guilt, anger, repression, and betrayal.  It’s a film that invites you to wonder how well you know your best friends.  Well-directed and acted, It’s not always easy to watch (I had to avert my eyes during a scene involving a mallet) but it definitely makes an impression.” Lisa Marie Bowman, Through the Shattered Lens

“Don’t flee after the first 30 seconds, after each of a quartet of cataclysmic incidents. See how all the bloody pieces come together at the end. You will be astonished. Guaranteed.” James Scarborough, What the Butler Saw

Cast and characters:

  • Bella Shepard … Emily
  • Emily Jordan … Kelly
  • Myles Cranford … Pastor Warren
  • Mike Boss … Delivery Guy
  • Lena Roma … Monica
  • Daniel Felix de Weldon … Jason
  • Jessica Boss … Jenna
  • Bobby Dale Black … Cop #3
  • David Abramsky … Eric
  • Rafik Madadi … Abdal Jabbar
  • Mike Ragels … Cop #2
  • Jennifer Shepard … Cop #1

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California, USA

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