Armenian Haunting – USA, 2018

‘Denial is a hundred year old curse.’

Armenian Haunting is a 2018 supernatural horror film written, produced and directed by Art Arutyunyan (director of Alpha Delta Zatan; producer of Dead by Christmas; Bayou Ghost Story; Reel Nightmare). The Reel Nightmare Films production stars Vaneh Assadourian, Paul Mariskanish and Aneela Qureshi.

An Armenian-American journalist turns into an unwilling ghost hunter while researching the sudden deaths in her family and their connection to a paranormal mystery…

Cast and characters:

  • Vaneh Assadourian … Maro
  • Jay Dersahagian … David
  • Kyle Patrick Darling … Garo
  • Chris Green … Eva
  • Tamara Grigorian … Grandma / Tatik
  • Andrew DeVitre … Sevan
  • Aneela Qureshi …Aida
  • Paul Mariskanish … Arsen
  • Mona Arkin … Clara
  • Teneisha Campbell … Dr. Freedman
  • Carly Alyssa Thorne … Lena
  • Aida Arutyunyan … Ms. Grigorian
  • Kevin Antonio … Skateboarder

Armenian Haunting is currently available to Prime Video subscribers in the US, UK and Germany.

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