Hotel Inferno 3: The Castle of Screams – Italy, 2018

Hotel Inferno 3: The Castle of Screams is a 2018 Italian first-person perspective supernatural horror film written and directed by Giulio De Santi (Hotel Inferno and Hotel Inferno 2; Taeter City; Adam Chaplin) and Tiziana Machella for Necrostorm productions.

Frank has retrieved the Fire element but is still trapped in the hellish Hotel Inferno.

Now Frank must pass through the Village of the Disease, struggling to survive the frozen horrors that haunt those cursed passages, until he finally reaches the Castle of Screams. There he will find his only ally, The Witch, who is being held captive along with the Ice element.

However, he must be beware. The Castle is guarded by an army of unspeakable horrors. On this cold journey Frank will face many infernal atrocities, and the demons are not his only enemies. He must fight for his sanity, retrieve the Ice element, and take the second step towards resurrection…

The film is currently in production.

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