Evil Bong 777 – USA, 2018

Evil Bong 777 is a 2018 American comedy horror film produced and directed by Charles Band from a screenplay by Kent Roudebush (Evil Bong movies; Ooga Booga; Zombies vs. Strippers), based on a storyline by Charles Band and Brockton McKinney (Rodney Cecil: Psycho Hero; Sick and the Dead).

Scowling weed-spewing Eebee is out of “Sexy Hell” and heading to Sin City – Las Vegas – with danger on her tail! She’s joined by her whack pack of fabulous freaks: Faux Batty, Rabbit, Misty, and The Gingerweed Man…

Evil Bong 777 was released digitally on April 20, 2018, via Full Moon Features, with DVD and Blu-ray releases to follow later in the year.

Cast and characters:

  • Sonny Carl Davis … Rabbit
  • Robin Sydney … Faux Batty
  • Jessica Morris … Misty
  • Mindy Robinson … Phoebe
  • The Don … Beelzebud
  • Caleb Hurst … Hesher One
  • Adam Noble Roberts … Hesher Two
  • Circus-Szalewski … Joe Cracker
  • Kevin Harrison Sweeney … Redder Neck [as K.H. Sweeney]
  • Tania Kae … Versnatchy
  • Elina Madison … Rhonda VU
  • Jillian Janson … Friscilla
  • Tanya Tate … Spylft Driver
  • Leya Falcon … Escort

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