Vampire Sisters – USA, 2004

‘They’re beautiful. They’re sexy. And hungry for human blood!’

Vampire Sisters is a 2004 American horror film directed by Joe Ripple (Jebediah; Stakes) and produced by Don Dohler (director of The Galaxy InvaderNightbeast; The Alien Factor). The Timewarp Films production stars Darla Albornoz, Leanna Chamish, and Syn DeVil.

“These sexy sirens bring a whole new meaning to “Ladies of the Night” as they lure victim after victim to their website.

Utilising the web to entice victims to their lair, they seductively work their beauty and their bodies to fulfil an unholy desire to feed on human blood!

Once the kinky fun begins, the sisters bare their fangs and the feeding frenzy begins! After these sensual bloodsuckers are finished, they drag the bodies to a hideous creature they keep locked in their shed. As the missing persons pile up, two undercover vice squad detectives pose as a kinky couple to infiltrate the Vampire Sisters’ home.

A chilling battle between the sisters and the undercover cops leads to a mind-blowing finally climax; Iggy — the creature in the shed — is finally released.” from Brain Damage Films plot synopsis


“The gore effects are limited, mostly confined to splashing blood but there is a scene where a man has his eyes drilled out, or should that be drilled in? The special effects are awful as well, the blood looks far too runny, almost like red water. There are a couple of brief CGI shots and again they’re awful.” B Movie Nation

“It’s an uncomplicated B-movie to be sure. You are promised sexy women attacking idiots that they pull off of their website and that is exactly what you get. Over and over again. Horny victim knocks on the front door, the vampire ladies do some teasing, and then the blood starts flowing.” Dr. Gore’s Movie Reviews

Everything about the movie is slipshod, from the “acting” to the dialogue to the direction; the film is a sinkhole of suckage […] Vampire Sisters is endlessly repetitive, with the trio eating a victim and inviting another almost immediately afterwards…” David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

Image credits: The Dwrayger Dungeon

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