Open 24/7 – France, 2010

‘Claudine runs an all-night diner, cannibals, witches and killers welcome!’

Open 24/7 – original title: Ouvert 24/7 – is a 2010 French dark comedy horror film directed by Thierry Paya from a screenplay by Colin Vettier.  It stars Maud Galet-Lalande, Stéphanie Kern-Siebering and Marie-Pierre Vincent. Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo role.

Late at night in a remote back road restaurant, the customers are trying to stay awake. To keep boredom at bay, there’s nothing better than horror, cannibalism, sex and violence…


“The film veers between atmospheric/harrowing and extremely low-budget, poorly-framed mise-en-scènes that look like a Brazilian soap opera. Still, there’s much to recommend it: Sapphic love, cannibalism, dark, dark humor. If you’re down with Troma, it’s up your alley.” Really Awful Movies

“A mess, an absolute mess of a movie that is barely entertaining and only manages to live up to its horror tag by throwing in random flashes of extreme gore and violence. Avoid.” Games, Brains & A HeadBanging Life

“The first tale is the gory one about cannibal lesbians. They carve up men’s bodies in gory detail, except that there’s one angry cop out for revenge whom she graphically castrated in the bathroom […] The second mixes looney-tunes humor, puppets and a fairy tale about an ogress who eats children to stay young, until she meets a child that may be more than she can handle. The third is the grim, trashy and nasty one involving a German farmer…” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

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