Camp Hideaway Massacre – USA, 2018

‘Is this camp cursed?’

Camp Hideaway Massacre is a 2018 American slasher horror film directed by Skip Bizr and Ted Moehring from a screenplay by producer Skip Bizr. It stars Tina Krause, Gutrot Layton, and Nikki Schaeffer.

In 1928, in a small Pennsylvania town, a satanic cult is eradicated and their house is burnt down.

Ninety years later, with the ruins nearby and tales of disappearances, odd happenings, stories seem to haunt Camp Hideaway. Monsters, killers, even aliens. As the body count continues, Dana (Tina Krause) hopes to find out the truth, while saving her friends…

Cast and characters:

  • Tina Krause … Dana
  • Gutrot Layton … Gutrot
  • Nikki Schaeffer … Hippie Girl
  • Lerch Buckler … Army Vet
  • Morgan Curry … Campfire Girl
  • Walter Curry … Hunter
  • Haley Dittrich … Haley
  • Jessica Dittrich … Pregnant Woman
  • Danielle Fessler … Mother
  • Kanyon Fessler … Kanyon
  • Amber Gilson … Campfire Girl
  • Marvin Horn … Skip
  • Evan Kraemer … Young Couple
  • Andrew Kylakopoulos … Passerby
  • Jobin Santos … Young Couple


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