The Bad Man – USA, 2018

‘How long can you hold onto your humanity?’

The Bad Man is a 2018 American horror film written and directed by Scott Schirmer (Plank Face; Found); it stars Ellie Church, Jason Crowe, and Arthur Cullipher.


A young couple, Mary (Ellie Church) and PJ (Jason Crowe), are kidnapped in their own home by a sadistic clown (Arthur Cullipher) who wants to break their spirits and sell them into servitude to a cult of wealthy deviants. Mary holds onto her humanity through trial after trial, desperately looking for a way to escape her torment and rescue PJ from his own madness…

Cast and characters:

  • Ellie Church … Mary / The Doll – Skeletons in the ClosetFrankenstein Created Bikers; Harvest Lake; Mania; Headless; et al
  • Jason Crowe … PJ / The Dog – Hooker with a Hacksaw; Cannibal Cop; Volumes of Blood; The Zombie MovieKill, Granny, Kill!
  • Arthur Cullipher … The Clown
  • Brian Papandrea
  • Dave Parker … The Henchman
  • David Hancock

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