The Farm – USA, 2018

‘They’re dying to meat you’

The Farm is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Hans Stjernswärd (short: Geppetto); it stars Nora Yessayan, Alec Gaylord, and Ken Volok.

After having stopping at a roadside diner to eat meat, a young couple is kidnapped and treated like farm animals…

The Farm was released on Digital and in limited theaters via Red Hound Films on November 16, 2018.


The Farm is not a very entertaining horror film. The film’s central message is fairly obvious. But, the reason for the director’s activism put to film is not. Surely, politics is better offered more subtly, than with a hammer to the noggin, or a nailgun to the forehead. As it is, The Farm is a bit of drain on the system and will leave many in a dower mood.” Michael Allen, 28 Days Later

“Egor’s cinematography is well crafted, the sound design is atmospheric and Sergei Stern’s score is a masterclass in musical composition, and probably my favourite aspect of the film. There’s good production design, the acting is decent […] The film’s downfall is simply that it just doesn’t have enough on-screen action…” Adam Weber, Adam the Movie God

“The film poses as a provocative piece presumably meant to challenge perspectives on food processing. But it doesn’t have nearly enough weight for cursory commentary to come across as anything other than an excuse to wade in trashy scenes of nude victims being terrorized.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

” …while the violence works for part of The Farm, it eventually loses all its traction, grinding to a halt in its third act. The Farm is one of those films where its main idea has immense potential. Unfortunately, while the picture has some stellar moments of gross violence, it ultimately fails in keeping viewers engaged.” Michael Pementel, Dread Central

” …certain aspects of the film paired with the brilliant constructions of uncomfortable scenes will give the film life and find its audience. Just don’t go looking for story or character. This film hinges on enjoying the premise and how far the creep factor can take the audience.” Freddy Ruiz, Ghastly Grinning

…The Farm has a few issues that rely on its constant attempt at imitating movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: as I said before, sometimes we don’t get to see why certain characters end up in a specific situation. It seems like a few parts have been written on the script, but the director didn’t know how to show them on screen…” Horror World

” …it is the sadistic edge that gets muddled by the goofy villains that undoes this. Rather than stick to a straight torture p*rn film, like Hostel, or a horror satire, like Motel Hell, it splits the difference and ends up less weighty as a consequence. It’s not a film without merits, as there is some authentically scary stuff, and the gore effects are brutal.” Eric Li, The Scariest Things

Main cast and characters:

  • Nora Yessayan … Nora
  • Alec Gaylord … Alec
  • Ken Volok … Landlord
  • Rob Tisdale … Andrew
  • Kelly Mis … Ashley

Filming locations:

Riverside County and Santa Clarita, California, USA

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    1. It was shown at the Overlook Film Festival back in April but there seems to be no official release date yet

    1. The reviewers of The Farm are from other websites Dimitri, hence the links after their quotes. We haven’t seen The Farm yet, unfortunately. Feel free to click on the links and ask them directly.

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