Suite 313 – UK/Italy, 2017

‘ …try to survive…’

Suite 313 is a 2017 British/Italian first-person horror film written and directed by Aaron Pederis, with additional story concepts by Giulio De Santi (Hotel Inferno and sequel; Taeter City; Adam Chaplin) and Tiziana Machella. The Necrostorm production stars Jade Matthew, Roland Stone, and Mario Sarri.

Special Agent Alexander Connor is sent to investigate a house, from which a woman named Sandra has made numerous 911 calls. Things become more complicated than expected for Agent Connor, as he finds he must also rescue a police officer who responded to the home 24 hours earlier.

Soon, Agent Connor will discover a horrifying secret; that Sandra is one of Lumen Corporation’s donors and has devoted her house to the corporation; a house which has been turned into a research lab for atrocious experiments performed on human beings…


“One might even feel as if they were watching a live version of Resident Evil played out combined with the twisted nature of Silent Hill and [REC]. We are introduced to the surroundings as Connor is […] To add to the fun, there is a subtle, but effective, use of humor interjected thru SGT Connor’s expressions and much-too-frequent verbal-abuse he puts his Miss Clarke thru.”

Suite 313 is released on DVD in the USA by Bayview Entertainment on May 22, 2018.

Cast and characters:

  • Jade Matthew … Sandra (voice)
  • Roland Stone … Agent Connor (voice)
  • Mario Sarri … Agent Connor
  • Pierluigi Nitas … Jacob
  • Livia Paresi … Sandra
  • Luisa Fioravanti … The Damn Nun
  • Dan Wilder … Central
  • Maazel Mirko … Agent Hale
  • Samuel Moreni … Primal Evil

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