Bong of the Living Dead – USA, 2017

‘The end is high’

Bong of the Living Dead is a 2017 comedy horror film directed by Max Groah from a screenplay co-written with Tim Mayo (short: Never Say Dead). It stars Tiffany Arnold, Eric Boso, and Daniel Alan Kiely.

The lifelong dreams of a group of friends and zombie movie buffs come true. As their provisions run low, reality begins to set in and they realize that the zombie apocalypse isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…


“The makeup is reminiscent of Evil Dead 2 and using Columbus, OH as a backdrop for the film allows the ‘it could happen anywhere’ effect to work. The film doesn’t try to be something it’s not. They knew their audience and gave them what they wanted.”Adam Holtzapfel, East Coast Horror Group


Bong of the Living Dead is a shaggy, scrappy, loose and lively zombie comedy with a charm all its own. It’s reliably fun and finds hidden gems of comedy from its deep supporting cast of oddballs. The main characters do fine work pushing at the boundaries of their stock archetypes, with Kiely as the wild man standout.” Nate Zoebl, Psycho Drive-In

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