Admission by Guts – China, 2015

Admission by Guts – original title: 惊魂电影院 – is a 2015 Chinese supernatural horror film directed by Ming Wang (Good Will Evil). It stars Xiaofan Lin, Yiqi Yao, and Zhongwei Jiang.

Random strangers are invited to a cinema to watch a horror film called ‘Admission by Guts’. Two years previously, a similar showing resulted in the disappearance of a couple of audience members. Soon after the group arrives, spooky events begin to occur and bodies soon start piling up…


“In a way, the entire movie is sort of like Demons with elements of classic Asian horror films such as the Ju-on and Ringu films thrown in for good measure […] I was really into it and thought that it was just a genuinely good movie despite a couple of minor flaws.” Todd Martin,

Main cast:

  • Xiaofan Lin
  • Yiqi Yao
  • Zhongwei Jiang
  • Ye Wang
  • Grace Qiu
  • Wenze Mei
  • Yuanyuan Zhao
  • Tu Hong
  • Qingbin Yu


The film was released on June 19, 2015, and earned CN¥8.695 million at the Chinese box office.



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