Along Came the Devil – USA, 2018

‘An exorcism unlike any other’

Along Came the Devil – formerly Tell Me Your Name – is a 2018 supernatural horror feature film directed by Jason DeVan from a screenplay co-written with Heath DeVan and Dylan Matlock.

The DeVan Clan production stars Jessica Barth, Matt Dallas, Sydney Sweeney, Madison Lintz and Bruce Davison.

Growing up, Ashley always had her sister Jordan to protect her and share hauntingly beautiful memories of their deceased mom. Now that Jordan has left for college, their Aunt Tanya has taken on the responsibility of caring for Ashley. Even though her aunt tries to reach out to her, Ashley can’t help but feel abandoned.

Ashley is trying to get used to her new life in her mom’s hometown, but she can’t shake the visions of her mom’s spirit or the feeling that something is terribly wrong. She is sure her mom is trying to reach out to her; even Hannah, her reunited hometown childhood friend, agrees.

The girls decide to communicate with Ashley’s mother, so they must conduct a seance. What they unearth will change their lives for the worse and leave Ashley’s loved ones fighting for her soul

Along Came the Devil will be released by Gravitas Ventures in select movie mouses and on digital VOD on August 10, 2018.


“Jason DeVan’s skin crawling addition to the possession genre is an unexpected delight. Tell Me Your Name eschews supernatural conventions in favor of exploring the impact of abuse and the innate hubris of heroism. Featuring crisp, haunting visuals, a vicious lead performance, and an absolutely stellar final act, this is one of the year’s best horror films thus far.” The Movie Sleuth

Main cast and characters:

  • Sydney Sweeney … Ashley – Dead Ant; The HordeThe Ward
  • Jessica Barth … Tanya Winbourne
  • Madison Lintz … Hannah – The Walking Dead
  • Bruce Davison … Reverend Michael – Itsy BitsyThe Mystery of Casa Matusita; Return of the Killer ShrewsCoffinCamp HellTales from the Crypt; Tales from the DarksideWillard; et al
  • Matt Dallas … Pastor John – Camp Slaughter; Way of the Vampire
  • Barbara Goodson … Demon voice

Filming locations:

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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