Bottom Creek – USA, 2018

‘Never know what you’ll catch in:’

Bottom Creek is a 2018 American backwoods horror thriller directed by Todd Chamberlain from a screenplay by Davy Lantz Jr. and Jeffery L. Miner. It stars Cori Coulter, Davy Lantz Jr., Matt Burns, Charles Dawson, Mel Heflin

When her two prized dogs and husband are killed in a car crash, Martha Boggs is left with a mental condition and two mentally challenged sons.

When the bank comes calling to repossess the family farm, she finds a terrifying way to keep them at bay, and seek revenge for deaths of her dogs…

Main cast:

  • Cori Coulter … Martha Boggs – HogMaul: The Legend of Abrams County
  • Davy Lantz Jr. … Ugen Boggs – HogMaul: The Legend of Abrams County 
  • Matt Burns … Arvis Boggs – Return of the Slasher NurseAsylum WoodsDead Men Tell No TalesRadioactive Flesh Eating FoliageThe Crawlspace: Frankenstein’s Legend
  • Charles Dawson … Sheriff Jim Roberts – Darkness WaitsDead Woman’s Hollow
  • Mel Heflin … Sammy – StirringSwamp Zombies 2; It Kills; Jinn; Plan 9; The Profane Exhibit; Dead Woman’s Hollow; et al
  • Graham Boudreau … Rick
  • Haley Carver … Marcy
  • Darrick Sword … Mike
  • Jenny Jannetty … April Smiles
  • Gene Bakner … Deputy Gene Miller
  • Jesse L. Green … Jesse Grey

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