The Song of Solomon – USA, 2017

The Song of Solomon – promoted as American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon – is a 2017 American horror film written, produced and directed by Stephen Biro (BloodshockA Serbian DocumentaryAmerican Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore). The Unearthed Films production stars Jessica Cameron, Scott Gabbey, David E. McMahon and Gene Palubicki.

The special effects were provided by Marcus Koch and Jerami Cruise, Oddtopsy FX and Toetag EFX.

Mary witnesses the brutal suicide of her Father. His death unleashes the savage forces of demonic possession in his daughter.

The End of Days is upon the world, famine, drought, looting and chaos is ripping the world apart and the Catholic Church is trying to save an innocent soul from the ravages of satanic possession. Wave after wave of holy men are sent to confront the possessed but what is the Holy Church actually doing?

The City on Seven Hills is working on the Second Coming of Christ but before He comes back… the Antichrist must rule for seven years. The Song of Solomon’s true nature is to unleash an evil the world has been waiting for since the beginning of time…


Every now and then, there is a film that catches the attention of the horror community due to its content, hype and controversy surrounding its release. For the past few months, that has been the case with Unearthed Films’, The Song of Solomon.

Director/producer/writer and founder of Unearthed Films, Stephen Biro, began the new American Guinea Pig series in 2014 with Bouquet of Guts and Gore (which he directed). Following that up with Bloodshock (which he wrote and produced), the third instalment of the series brought the long awaited The Song of Solomon which he not only wrote and produced, but also directed. Biro is the master of repulsive extreme cinema, and this does NOT disappoint.

Let’s begin with the maniacal opening… a distraught father is wielding a knife while talking at his daughter (whom we do not see), in a frenzied attempt to clear himself from all accusations of child abuse while trying to understand the darkness that has come over this young girl, Mary. It ends in bloodshed and Mary is then put in front of a therapist to discuss her father’s gruesome demise.

Almost immediately, the possession rears its ugly head as Mary’s eyes change colour and… pupil count? Oh, it’s an ugly site as she frightens this poor man with stories of being enslaved through King Solomon in a past life. In similar context to The Exorcist, priests are talked into saving this demonised soul and one by one… the battles begin.

As easily as they approach, Mary’s internal devil seeks out the “sins of our fathers” and turns each one into bloody puddles of goo, spewing the forecasted uprising to come. Even the most depraved and rebellious pastors are no match for the tormented girl and the gore surmounts to a pulp of degeneracy. Bring your barf bag… the regurgitated innards being devoured scene, will churn your own stomach to sickening degrees. Yes, Jessica Cameron puts Linda Blair to shame!

The anticipation of motive behind this evil spirit is exposed at the very end, sending shockwaves through the flesh as viewers will be highly traumatised from the actions and dialogue between the final clergyman and the malevolent Mary. Biro has set up a highly immoral and disturbing twist on the antichrist leading the next brigade of biblical plaques to provoke the return of the Christian messiah.

The Song of Solomon is absolutely grisly and repulsive. In other words… this is an epic horror film. Religion, lust, transgression and resurrection surround a blood-soaked bedroom all controlled by one ghastly beast. And believe me, you do not want to miss this vileness.

Meredith Brown, HORRORPEDIA

Other reviews:

“There is not much to go on if one is looking for fine acting, story, or direction. Although, it is a visual powerhouse fuelled by guts and gore that should fit in fine with fans of the Guinea Pig films. As such, it is not a film for the squeamish.” Dave Heath, Cryptic Rock

“Those looking for a visceral satanic thriller with gut-wrenching blood and gore should look no further than The Song of Solomon. The independent horror movie probably could use a little more polish. But actress Jessica Cameron does a fantastic job as the possessed under all that prosthetic make-up.” Christopher Zabel,

“With The Song of SolomonStephen Biro has accomplished what precious few filmmaker’s before him have been able to do. He has made an exorcism film that will please both the gore hounds and those that enjoy a deeper meaning with their film viewing experience.” Brad Slaton, Tom Holland’s Terror Time

“Centred around a stunning performance from Jessica Cameron as Mary, American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon puts a lot of its extreme horror brethren to shame, showing what this genre can be when all aspects of filmmaking – story, acting, directing and effects – come together in perfection. Stephen Biro and co. have set a VERY high bar by which the genre could, and should, be measured.” Phil Wheat, Nerdly

“Practical effects are top notch, fun and impressive, a throwback to the Savini days of old figuring out how to do what you want within a budget. I dare say that the gore steals the show […] Writer and director Stephen Biro provides an excellent script within the limitations of a budget.” Without Your Head

Main cast:

  • Jessica CameronBuckout Road; Red Eye; All Through the House; Adam KTruth or Dare; Mania; Camel Spiders; et al
  • Scott Gabbey – American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore, Gator Green
  • David E. McMahon – Sharknado 3
  • Gene Palubicki – American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock; Angel Corpse
  • Maureen Pelamati
  • Jeff Shedden
  • Josh Townsend
  • Jim VanBebber – director of The Manson Family; Deadbeat At Dawn
  • Scott Alan Warner
  • Andy Winton – American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock


Unearthed Films released The Song of Solomon as a limited edition Blu-ray + DVD + CD soundtrack on August 14, 2018. Buy from

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