Feeding Time – short film, USA, 2016

‘A good babysitter is hard to find.’

Feeding Time is a 2016 American comedy horror short film written and directed by Matt Mercer; it stars Graham Skipper, Stacy Snyder, and Najarra Townsend.


“Mercer’s film is an amusing ’80s throwback film which embraces the genres that were so well received, and in some cases well regarded, way back when. It delivers the laughs, the chills, the nostalgia and the excitement that one found in select films or even anthology TV shows from that decade.” ErnieTrinidad.com

“The quirky element is enhanced through special effects that border on cheesy and the humorous character dialogue comes across as intentional and witty. Ultimately Feeding Time is an entertaining short with well placed jump scares, witty dialogue, just the right amount of cheesy…” Atomic Age Renegades

” …the feeling of suspense is there, making itself known through the subtle (and questionable) choices of home décor, which mask themselves underneath the humor of the babysitter’s lovesick attachment to her phone. It’s all very clever, yet fun, having each aspect crafted appropriately to its purpose in the film.” Abagail Braman, Nightmarish Conjurings


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