Fatal Exposure – USA, 1989

‘Jack the Ripper is at it again in’

Fatal Exposure – aka Mangled Alive – is a 1989 American horror feature film directed by Peter B. Good (The Force on Thunder Mountain; cinematographer on Faces of Death III and IV) from a screenplay by Christopher Painter. It stars Blake Bahner, Ena Henderson and Dan Schmale.

The make-up effects were provided by Scott Coulter (Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight; Demon Wind) and Dan Frye (Brain Damage; Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor).

Jack T. Rippington (Blake Bahner) is the handsome and seemingly charming great grandson of infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. Jack recently inherited a large plantation mansion in the small town of Prairieville, Alabama, and soon begins to follow in his family’s murderous footsteps…


“It’s reasonably well-made, has plenty of gore and nudity, a ridiculous, though very entertaining, storyline, some effective black comedy and lead actors with some charisma and talent. In the slasher subgenre, regardless of budget, this is also an above par offering.” Justin McKinney, The Bloody Pit of Horror

” …this movie delivers the grue with none of the old cut-out knives or simple splashes of Kayro. Nope, it’s pure latex loveliness right until the end, with a climax that is one of the most ambitious gore set-pieces I have ever seen in an American ’80s SOV movie…” Thomas T. Sueyres, Video Junkie

“Ok, so you wanna know about the gore. It’s kind of a mixed bag, but with me leaning more towards the good. There’s decapitation and dismemberment scenes that looks beyond cheesy, but when it comes to acid, this movie is tops. There are several really good acid effects that rivals any Italian horror as far as gore.” Wide Weird World of Cult Films

“The story is ridiculous and the acting is beyond horrendous for the most part, but as a whole the movie is actually pretty entertaining in its own weird way.” Todd Martin, HorrorNews.net

Main cast:

  • Blake Bahner … Jack T. Rippington – Wizards of the Demon Sword; Caged Fury; Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II; Thrilled to Death
  • Ena Henderson … Erica – Molly and the Ghost
  • Dan Schmale … Jay
  • Julie Austin … Marybeth – Elves
  • Renée Cline … Maggie – Future Zone
  • Gary Wise … Jeff
  • Marc Griggs … Sheriff
  • Jah Riley … Masters
  • Joy Ovington … Gretchen
  • Dianne Teague … Kubrick
  • Susan Welch … Candice – A Letter from Death Row
  • Tamara Dadd … Girl on Bike
  • Heidi Lawaczeck … Receptionist
  • Beth Cotton … Girl on Door

Filming locations:

Alabama and Portland, Oregon, USA

Image credits: The Bloody Pit of Horror | Video Junkie

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