Beyond Hell – Canada, 2018

Beyond Hell is a 2018 Canadian supernatural horror film written and directed by Alan Murray (short: Exposed). The Dark Spirit Films production stars Gavin R. Downes, Kearsten Johansson, Sebastian Deery, Sean Rey and Chris Kapeleris.

After trying a new version of the drug Changa, Maryssa finds herself transported to a hellish dimension where the demon, Belial, latches on to her. Through Maryssa, Belial begins killing her friends one by one in horrific hallucinations…

Main cast and characters:

  • Gavin R. Downes … Belial
  • Kearsten Johansson … Maryssa – Paranormal Witness (TV series)
  • Sebastian Deery … Jake – Late Night Double Feature
  • Sean Rey … Seth
  • Chris Kapeleris … Tyson
  • Dominique Smith … Heather
  • Natalie Jane … Brook
  • Richard Collier … Detective Ryerson
  • Jonathan Robbins … Mr. Haddock
  • Michael Wisniewski … Cult Leader
  • Shahrad Fredotti … The Orderly
  • Brandon Lederer … Shaman/Various Demons

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