Werewolves in Heat – USA, 2015

‘A new breed of comedy’

Werewolves in Heat is a 2015 American comedy horror exploitation film written, co-produced and directed by Lance Polland (Another Plan From Outer Space; Crack Whore; Slices segment ‘The Range’) It stars Minchi MurakamiSarah Vandella, Christopher Raff and Ron Jeremy.

The small desert town of Death Valley is home to a local Biker gang known as the Legion of Outlaws, an MC who traffic drugs, prostitution and the occasional werewolf attack…


“The picture by design was supposed to be campy and sexy, but was just plain stupid with nudity. The sound in the bar was choppy. A microphone shadow appeared on the wall, and the werewolves looked more like vampires.” Michael Ledo

Main cast:

  • Minchi Murakami – Another Plan From Outer Space
  • Christopher Raff – Crack Whore; Bloody Bloody Bible CampI Was a Teenage WerebearChillerama 
  • Sarah Vandella
  • Ron JeremyThe DollBloody Bloody Bible Camp; Getting Schooled; They Bite; Dracula Exotica
  • Mir Waiss Najibi – Bloodshed 2; Bloodshed; Bleed the Night (short)
  • Jon Arking
  • Joseph Bueno
  • Elias Cecil
  • Elissa Dowling – Lake of Shadows; Death House; The Mangled; Dracula in a Women’s Prison; Party Bus to Hell; The Black Room; Bonejangles; Land Shark; et al
  • Sean Michael Gloria
  • Paul Gonzales
  • David C. Hayes
  • Hans Hernke


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