The Barge People – UK, 2018

‘No one escapes’

The Barge People is a 2018 British horror film directed by Charlie Steeds (Winterskin; The House of Violent Desire; Cannibal Farm) from a screenplay by Christopher Lombard. The Dark Temple Motion Pictures movie stars Kate Davies-Speak, Mark McKirdy, and Makenna Guyler.

Set on the canals in the British countryside, two sisters and their boyfriends head off for a relaxing weekend away on a barge, unaware of the flesh-eating fish mutants lurking in the water, ready and waiting to feed…

Main cast:

  • Kate Davies-Speak – Dead Air; Dead Love; The House of Violent Desire; Knights of the Damned; Escape from Cannibal Farm; Apparition of Evil
  • Mark McKirdy
  • Makenna Guyler – Blood BagsCoulrophobia
  • Natalie Martins – Kill or be KilledPoltergeist Activity
  • Matt Swales
  • Kane Surry
  • Emma Spurgin Hussey
  • Tim Cartwright
  • Carl Andersson – The House of Violent Desire
  • Barrington De La Roche – The Vicarage; WinterskinThe House of Violent DesireEscape from Cannibal Farm
  • David Lenik
  • Sam Lane
  • Harrison Nash


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