Murder Death Kill aka Watch Me Die – USA, 2014

‘Your 15 minutes of fame is over’

Murder Death Kill – aka Watch Me Die – is a 2014 American found footage horror feature film written, directed by and starring Thomas Banuelos. It also stars Jon-Paul Vertuccio, Tracy Ashbourne and Arielle Brachfeld.

“A nameless serial killer prowls the sets of sleazy exploitation movies in search of his latest female victim. Each gruesome act of torture and murder that follows is captured up-close, on the killer’s video camera — the blood-soaked footage of a psychopath’s snuff film.

As the killer finds himself tormented by increasingly complex feelings towards the women he murders, the lines begin to blur between killer and victim, viewer and viewed, reality and illusion. What is real and what is fake? Nothing is certain until the blood starts to flow.”


“It feels like it is missing something to make it a better film. A script is not the answer. I feel experience would have been the answer, or to have someone involved that has the experience behind films like this, like a Fred Vogel or Eric Stanze.” James D., Wicked Channel

“Mainly, this is an excuse for sleaze, featuring a parade of young women stripping off for some POV sex scenes before they’re messily dispatched in some unpleasant death footage. I suppose you could say that it’s a bit like Peeping Tom but not disturbing at all due to the poor staging, just dumb and unpleasant.” Leofwine draca


In the US, the film was released on DVD by Tomcat Releasing on December 13, 2016.

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