Lycanimator – USA, 2017

‘Who is afraid of the big slimy wolf?’

Lycanimator is a 2017 American science fiction horror film written and directed by Sébastien Godin (Slimoids; shorts: Voices from the Forest; Fang Bang; Eating Out), based on a story co-written with producer Dustin Hubbard. It stars Cayt Fenics, Joel D. Wynkoop, Briana Wyman and Kii Hornick.

A group of friends go to an abandoned house for a weekend away only to come across a mad scientist with some monster-making goo. Unfortunately, some of the goo turns one of the group into a hungry, lustful beast…


Main cast:

  • Cayt Feinics – Wrestle Massacre; The LitchCannibal ClausChaos A.D.Death-Scort Service
  • Joel D. Wynkoop
  • Briana Wyman
  • Kii Hornick
  • Toby Johansen
  • Matthew Scott Kimple
  • Karina Nieves
  • Jonathan E. Smith
  • Alberto Giovannelli
  • M. Catherine Holseybrook Wynkoop


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