Bigfoot Country – Canada, 2017

Bigfoot Country is a 2017 horror film written and directed by Jason Mills (3 Hours till Dead; Alone We Are Not; The Changing of Ben Moore; They Came from the Attic). It stars Darren Andrichuk, Kiana Passmore and Hans Potter.

Some say Bigfoot is just a hoax but when a group of hikers go deep into the woods after being warned by a guide that has encountered a Sasquatch, they decide to ignore him and go off trail, but the deeper the go into the woods they realize that they are not alone.

Becoming hysterical as night falls, the group is terrorized to their core and accidentally shoots and wounds a Sasquatch. Legend says the Bigfoot species simply want to be left alone but when provoked, they will protect their territory and in this case the damage has been done and there is no turning back…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“The deaths in this movie almost make it worth watching, as they come unexpectedly and with surprising intensity. The movie does miss a real opportunity with its ending though […] leaving the viewer with another tease of a monster as opposed to tackling the very human evil that marks the film’s final few minutes.” Bryan Davis Keith

Main cast:

  • Darren Andrichuk … Guy – Camp Death III: The Final Summer3 Hours till DeadThe Evil in Us
  • Kiana Passmore … Kiera – 3 Hours till Dead; Alone We Are Not
  • Hans Potter … Bryce
  • Michael Strickland … Sean – 3 Hours till Dead; Alone We Are Not; Witchstalker
  • Brooke Walker … Carly – 3 Hours till Dead; Alone We Are Not


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