Cemetery Tales: Tales from Morningview Cemetery – USA, 2016

‘Tales dying to be told…’

Cemetery Tales: Tales from Morningview Cemetery is a 2017 anthology horror film directed by Heather Christopherson, L.C. Cruell, Andrew Featherstone and Dayna Noffke. The movie stars Madeline Brumby, Josh Lowder and Tim McGahren.

  • Into the Woods, With You – Written by: L.C. Cruell & Nikkia Lovejoy – Directed by: Andrew Featherstone
  • The Living End – Written and Directed by Dayna Nofke
  • It Takes One To Know One – Written and Directed by Heather Christopherson
  • I Need You – Written and Directed by Lucy Cruell
  • Nekro-fancy – Written by Nikkia LaDae – Directed by Andrew Featherstone

Hikers on an idyllic trek through the peaceful southern countryside come across an old cemetery where every plot has a story and the day takes a most unexpected and most dreadful turn…


” …whatever the truth of real-life death-internment camps, cemeteries, funeral homes, whatever, the quartet of scare story recorders and countryside horror exorcists certainly left with the best possible thing they could have: this fun, sick, poignant, unsettling, disturbing film.” Graeme Rae, Dread Central

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