Hillside Cannibals – USA, 2006

‘For 400 years they’ve hunted one animal only… Man’

Hillside Cannibals is a 2006 American horror film directed by Leigh Scott (Piranha SharksThe Penny Dreadful Picture Show; Dracula’s Curse) from a screenplay by Steve Bevilacqua (Supercroc; When a Killer Calls). The Asylum production stars Heather Conforto, Tom Nagel and Katayoun Dara.

The film is a mockbuster of the The Hills Have Eyes 2006 remake but its plot also incorporates elements from other films, including Cannibal HolocaustThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre and House of 1000 Corpses.

In the year 1606, Sawney Bean, a ruthless psychopath, earned a notoriety as the world’s most brutal serial killer. In real life, Sawney was a cannibal, who captured his victims and literally butchered them, feasting on their corpses afterwards.

In the Mojave Desert, Sawney Bean’s practices are continued in the modern day by his inbred descendants, who dwell in vast caves on the coast and feed on the flesh of passers-by…


 …nearly plotless, certainly pointless failure plods along and is only slightly more competently produced than a lot of poorly made, no budget horror films written and directed by first-time filmmakers that were clearly in over their heads.” Jon Condit, Dread Central

“There are entertaining bad movies, and there are just bad movies in general.  Hillside Cannibals is unfortunately the second. Even a bad movie like Shapeshifter, one of The Asylum’s weaker films, seemed to have a self-awareness about it that made it watchable.Horror Talk

” …every step of the way, it reminds you how much you could be watching Wes Craven’s original The Hills Have Eyes or Alexandre Aja’s brilliant, superior remake, instead of this crummy poseur of a inbred cannibal movie. There is one legitimately really shocking revelation that comes at its end, but it’s not worth sitting through the rest of this dull mess for.” Alan Dorich, Letterboxd

Choice dialogue:

“These guys are a bunch of cannibals. They’re like f*ckin’ Deliverance on steroids!”

Cast and characters:

  • Heather Conforto – Linda
  • Tom Nagel – Bill
  • Katayoun Dara – Tonya
  • Vaz Andreas – Callum
  • Frank Pacheco – Magnus
  • Erica Roby – Rhiana
  • Ella Holden – Amber
  • Justin Jones – Mark
  • Marie Westbrook – Tog
  • Thomas Downey – Towart / Mr. Pratt
  • Crystal Napoles – Tearlach
  • Chriss Anglin – Ted
  • Louis Graham – Sheriff Lachlan
  • Leigh Scott – Sawney Bean / David
  • Brian J. Garland – Balloch

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