Cannibal Claus – USA, 2016

‘You’re only as good as you taste.’

Cannibal Claus is a 2016 American comedy horror film directed by Sean Donohue (Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked DeadDeath-Scort Service; Die Die Delta Pi; Joe Vampire). The Gatorblade Films production stars Bob Glazier, Alberto Giovannelli and Mady Giovannelli.

A mall Santa Claus has been sacked just before Christmas time. Instead of staying in on Christmas Eve, he decides to go out and punish the naughty and enjoy a blood-drenched, meat-filled cannibal feast…


“The direction is solid and feels cinematic, but it does lack a little of the polish we saw in Death-Scort Service. The scenes are a little choppier than his last film, but it’s not distracting and may help with the playful tone. What works best is how this film interweaves the two storylines, giving an explanation for our Santa’s quick decent into insanity.” Mondo McLaren

“This was fun but some of the scenes were just a little too long or tried the viewer’s patience. A little trimming would have went a long way. Finally, the film has tons of blood and gore. In fact, the film is just as gory as Death-Scort Service which was f*cking fantastic.” Blacktooth, Horror Society

“Glazier has hilarious lines in this throughout. Cannibal Claus is a short running, shoved down your th

roat good time. Clocking in at 66-minutes, it feels as if some of the footage and scenes drag on just to get a longer running time.” Richard Taylor, Severed Cinema

Main cast:

  • Bob Glazier … Nick Cringle/Cannibal Claus – Chaos A.D.; Slasher WeekendAmerikan Holokaust; et al
  • Alberto Giovannelli … Herb, Nick’s Father – The Carnage Collection
  • Mady Giovannelli … Nancy, Nick’s Mother
  • Lucio Giovannelli … Young Nick Cringle
  • Slake Counts … Ralph, Nick’s Boss – Joe Vampire;Unearthed
  • Ashley Lynn Caputo … April
  • Joe Makowski … Joe
  • Ken Anthony II … Big Daddy – Slash CamMega Python vs. GatoroidDeadly Dares: Truth or Dare Part IV
  • Paula Tsurara …Roxy
  • Gia Love … Gina
  • Cayt Feinics … Nicole
  • Amanda Welch … Tracy
  • Racheal Shaw … Eileen the Stripper
  • Krystal Pixie Adams … Santa’s Elf #1
  • Stephanie Jensen … Santa’s Elf #2

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