The Spiritualist – UK, 2016

‘Evil lives inside’

The Spiritualist is a 2016 British horror film written and directed by Carl Medland. It stars Ian Reddington, Jane Merrow and Julie T. Wallace.

Laura, suffering horrific night terrors and sleep paralysis, believes the sinister spirit haunting her is the ghost of her mother.

Scared and desperate, she reaches out to the spiritualist to host a seance with her friends. Everyone is terrorised as the entity makes them all confront their worst fears…


“It tells a story well, is original, looks good, and is fun with enough twists and turns to keep interest. For hard core horror fans it maybe mild, but as an individual work, and good story, told by one of a rising wave of very 21st century filmmakers and auteurs, it works well and, it shouts great promise for the future.” Jane Foster, BritFlicks

” …everything’s pretty much colour-by-numbers, well-made (especially the many long takes), well-acted but predictable – only to then turn everything around and defy audience expectations by not giving us a cookie-cutter narrative but a highly original (and suitably tense) finale instead.” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“There are some great parts of this movie, mainly in the double whammy of both Julie T. Wallace and Caroline Burns Cook who both give authentic performances. However a surplus of irritating to forgettable characters hinder any attempt at making the intense drama stick in the mind for too long. So come for the seance scene in the eye of the storm that is the rest of the film.” Daniel Simmonds, The Rotting Zombie

Midnight Releasing is making The Spiritualist available via digital VOD platforms from December 5, 2017.

Main cast:

  • Ian Reddington – Fanged Up; Doctor Who
  • Jane MerrowThe Appointment; Horror at 37,000 Feet; Hands of the Ripper; Night of the Big Heat
  • Julie T. Wallace – Devil’s Harvest; Spine Chillers TV series; Dr. Terrible’s House of Horrible
  • Petra Bryant – Last Village on the Right; HeretiksNightmare on 34th Street 
  • Jasmyn Banks
  • Judson Vaughan
  • Arron Blake
  • Lee Knight
  • Ross William Wild
  • Caroline Burns Cooke


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