Last Village on the Right – UK, 2018

‘Brexit: The horror movie’

Last Village on the Right is a British comedy horror film written, produced and directed by James Crow (Nightmare on 34th Street; Black Creek; House of Salem; Curse of the Witching Tree). The Last British Dragon production stars Petra Bryant, Jeff Kristian, Leslie Mills, and Nathaniel Gleed.

A group of American filmmakers on the way to the Cannes film market to sell a horror film about Donald Trump, when they get lost and find themselves in a stunning small mountain village in the South of France, where a strange couple, Adolphi and his wife Kiki, seduce and murder tourists.

From Brits and Americans, to gingers, Adolphi – aided by his wife and daughter and fully sanctioned by the village priest – lures his victims in, making sure to educate them on his philosophies before ending their lives…

The filmmakers have an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for completing the movie.

Main cast:

Petra Bryant (Nightmare on 34th StreetHeretiks; The Spiritualist)Leslie Mills, Nathaniel Gleed (Demons Never Die), Rosina Williams, Philip L. Milne, Michael Otteson, Su Nubia, Jack Harrison, Vicki Michelle (Virgin Witch), Ewen MacIntosh, George Newton.

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