Camp Killer – USA, 2016

‘There are only so many ways to make a person scream’

Camp Killer is a 2016 American comedy slasher horror film written, produced and directed by Shawn Jones. It stars Jimmyo Burril, Melissa LaMartina, April Monique Burril and Ari Lehman.

The sheriff of a town plagued by an unstoppable killer meets up with his nemesis one last time as a pair of survivors complicates matters for the worse. Who will be left standing and what will remain of their sanity?


“Carried on the shoulders of the strong, entertaining performances delivered by its stars, who were given some excellent dialogue to speak, Camp Killer is a ’80s slasher homage that isn’t like any specific movie that came out during that decade but is informed by several of them. I found it to be an absolute delight to watch.” Cody Hamman, Arrow in the Head

“I enjoyed it some really funny moments awesome gore scenes and of course boobs what else would you expect from a horror movie! You also get a lot of detail into the background of the Camp Killer and learn the motives behind his actions. All in all a great indie horror/comedy!” TN Horror

“The script goes for the satirical approach, but the humour misses the mark throughout, and the whole thing is a complete waste of time.” Leo F Wine

Main cast:

  • Jimmyo Burril – A Feast of Flesh; director of Chainsaw Sally films
  • Melissa LaMartina
  • April Monique Burril
  • Ari LehmanTerror Tales; Rock Paper Dead; The Barn; Easter Sunday
  • John Bennett
  • Sam Wiitala
  • Bob Marshall
  • Pat Storck
  • Jackie Cast
  • Michael Ziccardi
  • Victor Acord
  • Ann Tabor

Filming locations:

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

IMDb | Image credits: Arrow in the Head

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