It Kills – USA, 2018

‘Float this’

It Kills – aka It Kills: Camp Blood 7 – is a 2018 American slasher horror film directed by Mark Polonia (Ghost of Camp BloodSharkenstein; Amityville Death House; Camp Blood: First Slaughter; et al) from a screenplay by Amy Suzuki (makeup on Jurassic Prey). It stars Greta Volkova (Bigfoot vs Zombies; Brackish; Tales of Dracula), Wyatt Wood and Mel Heflin.

The David S. Sterling (Clown Motel Massacre; Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill; The Domicile; et al) produced movie posits itself as being part of the Camp Blood slasher franchise began in 1999 by Brad Sykes and also plays on the phenomenal success of Andres Muschietti’s adaptation of IT.

Ghost of Camp Blood appears to footage from this film, plus additional scenes.

It Kills was promoted by Summer Hill Entertainment at the American Film Market (AFM) with the following synopsis:

“It’s Fall Break and several college kids are headed home for the weekend. When their car breaks down they get more than they bargained for when they are stranded at infamous Camp Blood.

Taking refuge in the dilapidated cabins for the night, they are preyed upon and brutally slaughtered by the killer clown. Blood flows and screams fill the air as one by one they taste his blade. The new exciting chapter in the cult series promises a return to the slasher films of the 80’s.”


“This is Camp Blood 7, but I love that this movie tried to cash in on Stephen King’s It and I hope lots of people fell for it because I say if you can make money off of the stupidity of others then more power to you. This is actually better than the last three entries even if that’s not saying much.” Tony the Terror, Letterboxd



“Includes terrible special effects, bad dialogue, wind sound on microphone, irritating characters (to the audience and each other), and border line acting […] The scene and location appear to be connected to the other films in name only.” Michael Ledo



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