Made Me Do It – USA, 2017

‘Thomas has been a bad boy.’

Made Me Do It is a 2017 American horror feature film produced and directed by Benjamin Ironside Koppin (The Haunted P*rno; Return of Night with Bite) from a screenplay co-written with Matthew John Koppin. The movie stars Anna B. Shaffer, Kyle Van Vonderen and Cortney Palm.


Enter the fragmented mind of serial killer Thomas Berkson. After a lifetime of abuse and rejection, Thomas has finally found someone who loves him unconditionally, the evil mask, Barbara.

Following her maternal influence, Thomas blindly obeys Barbara’s every command as she takes retribution on all those who’ve hurt her precious boy. Distorting Thomas’ mind, she uses him as a vessel for her bidding. Barbara’s rage descends on the unsuspecting Ali Hooper, her teenage brother, Nick and her ex-boyfriend Jason…


Made Me Do It is showing theatrically in Los Angeles with at least seven showings at the Arena Theater; filmmakers will be in attendance. On April 23rd, Indican will release the movie on home entertainment platforms.


Made Me Do It is a prime example of a modern age slasher done right, but to call it a simple slasher would be an insult to the genre. It’s a psychological study of a killer whose bloody journey leads him on a path that makes sense only to him. Indie horror fans need to check this film out. It has some unmistakable potential.” Richard Taylor, Pop Horror

Main cast:

  • Anna B. Shaffer
  • Kyle Van Vonderen
  • Cortney Palm
  • Jason Gregory London
  • Liston Spence
  • Elain Rinehart
  • Cole Jenkins
  • Daniel E. Kafer
  • Kytia L’Amour
  • George Capacete
  • Andrew Harmon
  • Katherine McKalip
  • Emily Tess Miller


The bulk of the main narrative was shot over six nights in a rental house.


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