Devil’s Night – USA, 2017

‘You make your own Hell.’

Devil’s Night is a 2017 American supernatural horror film directed by Todd Bishop (Zombie Apocalypse [short]) from a screenplay by producer Derek Rethwisch. The Harm’s Way Production stars Adam Forrest, Elizabeth Peterson and Alex Ho.

Daniel, a charismatic teen from a broken home, wants nothing more than to get out of the trailer park. After scraping together just enough money to buy a video camera, he begins making YouTube videos in the hope that his antics will lead him to a better life. Unfortunately, when his videos fail to catch on and all his friends leave for college, Daniel is left all alone.

Undeterred, he discovers an old documentary about a serial killer who brutally murdered seven people in a satanic sacrifice not too far from his hometown. Thinking this might be his last chance for success, he decides to film a video in the killer’s house, only to summon an evil worse than anything he could have possibly imagined…

Devil’s Night is currently available via iTunes.

On the eve of the film’s release, writer/producer Derek Rethwisch commented:

“When we were writing Devil’s Night, our goal was to create a suspenseful, character-driven horror that would not only give audiences a few good scares, but would be relevant to them today. We were all fans of horror growing up and really aspired to make a movie in the vein of Halloween or Friday the 13th, and Devil’s Night (October 30th) seemed like a natural fit. We hope that Devil’s Night is both an homage to those iconic movies but also unique in its portrayal of modern life.”

Main cast:

  • Adam Forrest – Night of the Living Jews (short)
  • Elizabeth Peterson – A Final Girl’s Best Friend (short); Halloween HellDo You Hear Something? (short)
  • Alex Ho
  • Nolan Freeman
  • Kristina Cohen
  • Shani Atias
  • Kevin Grossman
  • Alex Cress
  • Robert Duncan
  • Carlos Flores
  • Ariel Gardner


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