Ghost Note – USA, 2017

‘He will not be silenced’

Ghost Note is a 2017 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Troy Hart, making his feature debut. The Astaroth Productions movie stars Alicia Underwood, Justin Duncan, Kenny Gardner.

When rebellious teenager Mallory is left behind at her grandmother’s house while her parents go to Hawaii, she gets reacquainted with Rodney, the boy next door. She also discovers a dark family secret, hidden away in the attic.

In the early 1970’s, a series of unsolved murders were rumored to have been committed by an evil blues musician named Eugene Burns who had sold his soul to the Devil. Mallory’s long dead grandfather, a preacher, captured Eugene and performed an exorcism, but he was unable to expel the demon. Instead, he locked Eugene away to prevent him from hurting anyone else.

Nearly fifty years later, Mallory accidentally sets Eugene free, and he begins to kill again. Now she must figure out a way to stop him before it’s too late…


“For every decent scene in the film, Troy Hart’s Ghost Note has a handful of stumbles and clumsy moments. To make matters a bit worse, the inconsistency increases as the picture reaches its climax, turning what could have been the film’s pinnacle into a bit of a jumble. However, Ghost Note still has a lot in its favor…” Addicted to Horror Movies

Ghost Note doesn’t make a great deal of sense but it’s unique in it’s story. The characters in the film aren’t really relateable or believable so I’m rather rooting for the demon in this one to lay waste to them all. But hey, that’s just me. It’s interesting enough to watch one time and one time only.” Back to the Movies

” …it does give a creative way of bringing about a second movie should it become a series of films. It is a film most Horror fans will enjoy if they are able to overlook some flat acting, attire mistakes, and some little plot holes within the film.” Samantha Andujar, Cryptic Rock

” …this is not a film I’d really recommend to the teen ghost loving Goosebumps crowd because of some of the harsher moments of torture, patricide, suicide, and language. Yet the focus on the sloppy teen drama is going to cause massive eye-rolls to anyone over twenty. A bigger problem here is that the story is just all over the place.” Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News

“While Ghost Note moves a little slowly and wraps up fairly predictably, I was still kept interested due to the likable characters and their interaction with each other. The villain was unique and sinister but could have benefited greatly from increased screen time and backstory. Overall, Ghost Note is still a fun and enjoyable ride…” Pop Horror

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Main cast:

Alicia Underwood (The Inflicted), Justin Duncan (Cherokee Creek; short: Escape the Dead), Kenny Gardner, Allyn Carrell (Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus) Earl Browning III, Todd Jenkins, Kim Foster (Don’t Look in the Basement 2), Cassie Shea Watson (Feast 2), Martin Ezelle (The Inflicted), Tiana Bratten, Alexis Viels, RaeLynn Bratten, April Hartman (Howlers), Todd Essary, Justin Armstrong (The Ouija Experiment).

Filming locations:

Dallas, Texas, USA

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